Betrebels Live Betting

Betrebels Live Betting

Live betting is extremely popular among players as most bets that are placed worldwide, are done so on in play events. This happens mostly because of the excitement associated with live betting, given that you can feel the adrenaline pumping when you see the odds rise. The participation is interactive and immediate and these characteristics make the punters love betting on their favourite matches live. Betrebels knows how important this section is and has created an exciting platform, that provides punters with the best possible service.

Live betting markets

The most exciting thing about live betting is that everything can change in a moment. The odds, offered markets, or the scoreline are constantly changing, so punters have to be quick and observant. Live betting is very important for the Betrebels team and they have found how to offer any market to players who don’t want to miss time searching for markets or odds. The most popular bets, like final result, over/under, next goal are found beside the match. The only thing you have to do, is click on the Live Betting section and everything will be displayed in front of you. In order to see what other markets are available on each event, you have to click on the «+» sign, which can be found at the right hand side of the match and you will have the chance to place your bets in a wide variety of alternative betting selections.


Another very powerful weapon for Betrebels. The trackers are thoroughly created, easy on the players’ eyes and at the same time offer accurate and real time information. You can find the tracker within any event found on the live betting section. You have the chance to know when every team attacks, information about the in play statistics, like how many shots a team had, on/off target shots and more.

Live betting at its best

The reason that can make or break a live betting platform, is the number and variety of live betting markets. Betrebels understand exactly what punters wish for and offer a great range of betting options, common and alternative ones, capable of satisfying even the most demanding players. The most common markets are the ones you see as you enter an event, however the number of total choices are practically endless. Alternative over/unders for the full match and set separately for every half, Asian Handicaps, Cards Totals, Corners, exact score in the match, next goal, time of the next goal and many more. Betrebels has adapted to the demands of every sport and offers a great number of markets.

Join the action with live betting

To sum up, these are the most significant reasons why a player should choose Betrebels over any other bookmaker in the industry.

  • User friendly platform
  • Wide range of betting selections that satisfy even the most demanding punters
  • Great accuracy in providing the time and information of the matches, in real time
  • Valuable stats
  • High limits that are useful to all the kinds of players